Meaghan + Keevan

It is absolutely true that the only way to improve a skill is to practice and I love when my friends are kind enough to allow me the opportunity to photograph them.  Keevan is not one for having his picture taken, but was kind enough to provide a few smiles throughout the evening.  Originally the plan was to have Daniel be my model for the night since I was itching to take some pictures, but Meaghan ended up getting off work early so we met up and had a grand ol’ time. Wouldn’t you know that some of the most fun and beautiful places can be founded within a few blocks of your home?  Meaghan’s apartment is in the newly rebuilt tornado path where there is still lots of construction going on. After playing on a few of the rocks here, we made our way over to an abandoned hospital on the west side of town. We were able to have a good time and get a few pictures before being run off by a crazy lady down the street. I really do just love these two so much and am very thankful to be a part of their lives.  Enjoy the set!   xo – Kristen


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